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The Power of NOW: Reading the Signs of the Times

The People of Israel were called to form a nation, a community which would be centred on God’s justice and compassion. They continually failed to carry out this vision. The Prophets challenged them—especially their religious and political leaders. They confronted the people with their failings and reminded them continually of God’s vision for the world.

“In Scripture prophecy was not  disengaged criticism… It was rather a demand from God, usually an unwelcome and painful demand, to lay bare the truth of the present, to energize creative alternatives, to insisted that God will fulfil God’s story and to warn that God will not do as we expect.” (Fr Thomas Cullinan)

Their message continues to speak loud and clear to us today in our beautiful but broken world.

22 SeptemberWhat is Prophecy?
The world of 8th to 6th Century BCE & our world

13 OctoberAmos & Hosea
False gods & the true God: war among the nations

3 NovemberJeremiah
The Agony of being a prophet: challenging your own Government

17 NovemberIsaiah
The world as God would have it: the Prophetic Imagination & Hope

 “Far worse even than not reading the scriptures is the idea that they are superfluous. Such things were invented by the devil.” (Saint John Chrysostom, On the Letter to the Ephesians)

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