The Niland Conference Centre is administered by the Dominican Sisters to promote and support Christian Spirituality, Education and Formation.

The Niland Conference Centre at Rosary Priory was purpose-built in 1997 to celebrate the centenary of the foundation of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena, of Newcastle, Natal, South Africa by Mother Rose Niland. Mother Rose’s life-long commitment was the education of the young and the formation of the young and her Sisters in the Catholic Faith. She acquired the property here at Rosary Priory in 1926 and continued her mission of building Catholic schools.

The vision of the Sisters was, and remains, to use the Centre as a heart of our preaching and teaching the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, in our time and society. Nearly twenty years on, this remains our priority. The Niland Centre is still administered and run by the Dominican Sisters to promote and support Christian Spirituality, Education and Formation.

A mainstay of our ministry in the Centre is hospitality—welcoming groups from various walks of life, of different faiths and no faiths, and providing them with space and facilities for their various types of meetings. Perhaps the greatest treasure we offer is tranquillity, a tranquillity that comes from the prayers of the Sisters over the years and decades. We are truly a sanctuary from the pressures of everyday where, regardless of the nature of your meeting, you will find your spirit nourished. Without exception, every person who passes through the gates into the grounds on his or her way to a meeting, a course, or a retreat, experiences the peace of the property and is refreshed.


We welcome…

We welcome a wide variety of groups from Parishes and Churches, Schools and Dioceses from across the Christian denominations for retreats and reflection days, conferences, meetings and in-service training to nourish and support the on-going Life of Faith within their Communities.

We welcome groups who serve the needs of our local communities who are looking for a place of welcome and sanctuary, a place of peace.


Our Programmes

We offer a programme of reflections, retreats, courses and events for individuals and groups seeking to nourish their life of faith and deepen their relationship with God, with a special emphasis on our Dominican Spirituality and heritage.

We can offer reflections or develop an in-set or retreat day to meet your needs. Please contact the Co-ordinator.

In conjunction with the Diocese of Westminster’s Agency for Evangelisation, we offer a programme of spiritual, liturgical and Scriptural formation for parish lay ministers, in particular Ministers of the Word and Ministers of Holy Communion.


Serving the Community

We welcome people of all faiths or none who are committed to outreach to, and service in, the Community and who wish to avail of a peaceful and tranquil environment for events associated with personal and professional training and development.

We offer a remedy for today’s noisy, frenetic world: a sanctuary, a refuge from busyness, where conversation, dialogue and debate can happen without interruption.

The Centre’s location in the grounds of Rosary Priory with a commanding view of the countryside, offers a new perspective. We see from where we stand. The tranquility of the space enables one to stand in a new place and look at things afresh.

Programme of Events