Mental Health Awareness – 18 & 21 October 2017

//Mental Health Awareness – 18 & 21 October 2017

Mental Health Awareness – 18 & 21 October 2017

Mental Health Awareness
for Pastoral Ministry

How to care for your own mental and emotional well-being
and how to offer support to others

Mgr Malachy Keegan

This course will describe ways of ensuring mental and emotional well-being for myself and others. The Course will also identify states of mild and of serious disorders.  It will offer insights into how these states develop and how they can be handled in order to heal and bring new healthy life.  The Course will be of value to anyone who works with people.  It will be of special value to anyone who is involved with people suffering trauma and loss.  The Course could be described as ‘How to be a Wounded Healer’

To accommodate those who work weekdays and weekends, this course will be run twice in the same week:

Wednesday, 18th October 2017 and
Saturday 21st October 2017 (repeat)

 10:00 am-3:00 pm

Suggested donation £14

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