Rosary Priory Garden Retreat


Sister Laurentia OP & Sister Anne OP

We need to get in touch with beauty. The human soul is hungry for beauty


As Jesus made his way throughout the land,
he often stopped 
to contemplate the beauty sown by his Father,
and invited his disciples to perceive a divine message in things’
John Donohue

“Lift up your eyes and see how the fields are already white for the harvest”
John 4:35


Join us for a day of prayer and reflection in the beautiful gardens and grounds of Rosary Priory,
which offer a feast for the eyes in the beauty of the flowers; a feast for the ears in the sounds of the birds;
a feast for the nose in the scents of the flowers; a feast to nourish and nurture your soul

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

10.00—3.30 pm

Suggested donation £14

Please bring a packed lunch — coffee and tea are provided

It is recommended to bring rain gear!

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