Scripture from Scratch with Sister Anne Walsh OP

Why do we need the Old Testament?

4th OctoberCreation
What kind of Writing?
Our concern for the beginning of things and what this means in the present.

18th OctoberThe Exodus
What kind of History?
Imaginative Remembering.

8th NovemberGod of the Hebrew Scriptures: the unknown?
God seen through an ancient people’s eyes;  God involved in human life; God of the Psalms.

22nd NovemberThe Prophets
What is good government? Who decides?
Kings, Priests, Prophets? The State, the Church, the Prophets?

Marcion, a heretical 2nd century bishop, suggested that Christians should dispense with the Old Testament, that it was rendered void by the New. Some people today might still agree with his interpretation. The Church, however, vigorously refutes this idea. The Church has always venerated the Old Testament. Vatican II affirmed this and this is reflected in the structure of our current Lectionary and the choice of Readings for Holy Mass.

The Old Testament is the true Word of God.  It was given (and belongs) to the community of Ancient Israel. We share with our Jewish brothers and sisters our efforts to understand it.  “We read it in communities that stand in the Presence of God in the deeply troubling challenges of our own time” (W Brueggemann).

This course will offer insights into understanding and living these complex writings.
Participants may attend individual sessions.

Suggested donation £5 per sessions—tea & coffee available

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